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This site, is a tool to help you manage and control the onslaught of unsolicited e-mail or Spam. While Spam filtering is not perfect, there are some excellent software solutions for helping with the spamming problem.
Make a great Spam Filter
Even though the perfect Spam Filter does not exist in today's marketplace, there are a number of great solutions depending on the users email needs. Here is a list of what we at Spam Filter Reviews feel are some of the best attributes of Spam filtering software.
Ease of Use - Is the product easy to install? Is it easy to setup all of the email filtering rules? Is it easy to use?
Effective at filtering - Does the spam filtering software have a good balance of being able to filter spam and yet allow valid emails to come into your inbox? The ability to customize sensitivity of spam filtering is important as well.
Email Processing Steps - Does the spam software allow you to retrieve your email in the same manner as you did before you installed the product? A good spam filter should not require you to perform an additional step to filter your email.
Allow/Blocking of Email - You should be able to specify what email you want to appear in your inbox. Does it allow you to block or allow email based on the senders email address, IP addresses, server or domain addresses, or country of origin.
Content Categories - Most people have a difficult time of expressing what is spam and what is not spam, but they definitely know spam when they see it. What is spam to one person might be a treasured email to another. Spam filters should include the capabilities to specify the allowing or blocking of spam with content categories. General categories might include pornography, financial, services, health, insurance, adult, games, gambling, etc. Categories allow you to easily identify and specify what should be allowed or blocked, especially if you don't know who the sender is.
Rule Creation - Does the spam filter allow you to easily define and customize certain rules. These rules might be in conjunction with allow/block lists or allow/block categories. Does the product allow you to easily incorporate a new rule once an allowed email is identified as spam?
Quarantine Area - A great spam filter should provide a quarantine area where all blocked email is stored. This allows you the opportunity to retrieve email that may have been inadvertently blocked. The quarantine area should not have to burden you with any additional email processing functions and should automatically clean itself with old unwanted emails.
Worst of the Spam - Sporn - How well does the email filter support the blocking of sporn or spammed pornography? Does it allow you to block all pornography and/or adult themes? Does it allow you to view quarantined email without viewing any of the pornographic images?
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